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1. Project NEWS - NEWS strategic objective is to develop an eco-friendly logistics system and energy efficient domestic transport by inland vessels adapted to market demand by using river transport ships with innovative navigational capabilities

2. Project MITKEmain objective: providing a trans-national and interregional platform and mechanisms for the collection, exchange and transfer of experiences, knowledge and good practices and thus contribute to an improved management of Business Areas and Industrial Parks across Europe, project financed under the INTERREG IVC Program
More details you can read in the description of the project.

The collection of good practices for parteners (industrial parks , support programs for entrepreneurship, business incubators, etc.) can be downloaded here. For more information about the transfer of one of the best practices, please contact us at For details please read MITKE website.

3. Project FRESH - main objective: to integrate "eco" innovation component(innovation  to reduce the negative environmental impact) in regional innovation strategies and other planning documents of the partners and to create regional instruments that promote both economic growth and protect the environment, project financed under the INTERREG IVC Program.

There are a series of good practices in FRESH Project, the most important being "The Code for Sustainable Homes" from Great Britain. You can read the document here.

For details please read FRESH website.

4. Project PROSESC - main objective: to establish a network of regional and local policy-makers and development authorities, which will improve the European public support strategies and policies regarding environmental sustainability and competitiveness of road transport, project financed under the INTERREG IVC Program.

For details please read PROSESC website.

5. Project CO2FREE - this overall objective of CO2FREE is to give the regional and local authorities specific instruments to address the challenge of energy efficiency and sustainable transport, by jointly developing Action Plans in close cooperation with regional stakeholders, to be implemented by making use of mainstream Objective 1 and 2 Structural Funds available in each participating region, project financed under the INTERREG IVC Program.

For details please read CO2FREE website.