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West Regional Development Agency's service portfolio for investors

  1. Pre-localization services:
  • 1.1. Access to studies and regional analyses realized by West RDA

West RDA elaborates theme studies and regional analyses. Sectors on which studies have already been elaborated are:

The promotion activity of West Region is one of the current attributions of West RDA, and one that is being developed continuously:

  • Important activities are: elaborating brochures, maps, updating of the region's website, and also internal and external promotion campaigns to different partners or target regions.
  • Given this context, companies have the advantage of having their logos present on maps or in promotion materials and presentations of West RDA.
  • 1.3. Promoting investment opportunities in West Region
  • Information about the investment opportunities: offers access to West RDA's databases containing potential investment locations (public and private land, warehouses, different constructions, etc.) and to partnership networks and contacts developed by West RDA during a period of a few years.
  • The locations may be checked at the following web address:
  • 1.4. Organizing visits in the region
  • The presentation of the investment opportunities during visits in the region is the main activity that West RDA is conducting in the context of regional promotion.
  • West RDA organizes complete visits (everything from logistics to establishing meetings, etc.).
  • 1.5 Office for investors

The main goal is to offer to investors an office with all necessary equipment and assistance communication and networking with regional partners of West RDA and the companies included in West RDA's data bases.

  1. Post-localization and specialized services
  • 2.1. Information on European funding options most suitable for financing new investment projects

This service is addressed to investors that want to gain a deeper understanding about the implementation of European funds in Romania and identify the programs and measures that are most suitable for the activity that they have or will have in Romania.

  • 2.2. Information about suppliers

This is a service specific to the Automotivest regional cluster and implies primary market research and identification of companies that might be possible components or service suppliers.  

  • 2.3. Consultancy for supplier development (addressed to suppliers)

By completing the activity of identifying suppliers, the supplier development activity (specialized service of the Automotivest regional cluster,, implies:

  • § Help for optimizing the production processes of companies already in the portfolio of the client and with the potential of becoming suppliers.
  • § This service is addressed to companies already present in West Region, that want to improve or start working with existing or with potential suppliers.
  • 2.4. Training for improving production processes within companies

This service, also provided by the Automotivest cluster, is addressed to companies that want to implement internal training on different topics (Lean, Six Sigma, productivity and improving of processes, quality, operating / programming of CNC, welding etc.)

  • 2.5. Contacts and identification of research and technology transfer offers

Through the Innovation and Technology Transfer Center „Tehimpuls" (, coordinated by West RDA, companies can benefit from:

  • Assistance for developing future innovative projects and commercialization of RDI the results;
  • Assistance for developing collaborative projects between companies and RDI organizations;
  • Up to date information on innovation and technology development in West Region.


Contact person:

Mr. Cristin Cistelecan

Head of Direct Investments Office

West Regional Development Agency

Timisoara,Proclamatia de la Timisoara Street, no.5

Tel/Fax: +40-256-491923; +40-256 491981

Mobile +40-746-156520