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This section contains detailed information about the doinf of your business.

Romanian state offers incentives for the creation of a greenfield company, forign investors being stimulated with money to localize in Romania. Romanian companies are also stimulated in their business development.

Submenius Tax and Incentives present recent data.

Informations about the labor force in West Region give you detailed information on the available work force in the four counties of the region - Arad, Caras-Severin, Hunedoara, Timis - and different local and international comparisons on unemployment rate to explain why you should invest in this region.

Operational costs are recent ones and they are the costs you have to pay for a greenfield investment and the total contributions the employer has to pay for each employee.

Intellectual property presents you the objects of intellectual property - creations, characteristic signs and the definition of terms like patent, trade marks, the drawing or industrial model.