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18/10/2011 / Opinia Timisoarei
At the end of the month the county counselors will discuss in plenary session whether or not they agree to build a technological park for alternative energy of 15 hectares, in Covaci. Specifically, on the 15 hectares of land there will be mounted photovoltaic panels and there will be built a multif... details
17/10/2011 / Opinia Timisoarei
One of the biggest transactions is about to be completed in Timisoara. Gazprom wants to enter the Romanian market by 2015 and to invest a few hundred million euro.   One of the locations targeted by the Russians from Gazprom is the industrial platform \"Sloventul\" Timisoara. According to sources... details
14/10/2011 / Mesagerul Hunedorean
The Government decided to set up Hunedoara Energy Complex and Oltenia Energy Complex. Hunedoara Energy Complex will involve the merger of „Electrocentrale Deva\" and „Electrocentrale Paroseni\" and will have as a main activity the production and supply of electric and thermal energy and the exp... details
11/10/2011 / Opinia Timisoarei
Timisoara City Hall and RATT (Timisoara public transportation) installed Wi-Fi in several bus and tram stations. The internet connection is made by accessing the network For starters, wireless internet is available only in 7 stations: \"Traian Grozavescu\", \"Gara de Nord\", \"Piata L... details
06/10/2011 / Glasul Aradului
The Ambassador of Belgium in Bucharest, Philippe Beke announced at a press conference in Arad that in the near future, two major companies will develop their business there.  H. Essers is one of them and the other will be an important real estate developer that will build 300 houses in Aurel Vlaicu... details
05/10/2011 / Adevarul
The Minister of Transports in Berlin wants to charge the foreign drivers running on German highways. The collected money will be used o repair roads and modernize the infrastructure. According to the project prepared by experts of the German Ministry, the fee for using the roads - highways and mode... details
04/10/2011 / TimisOnline
Romania is part of the European strategy in the implementation of electronic communication and interaction with the authorities. This strategy is called Digital Agenda for Romania - The innovation and development of the European digital platform. Timisoara was the first city where this agenda was pr... details