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15/09/2010 / Opinia Timisoarei
The year 2010 was a very good year for Recas Wine Cellars. Recas Wine Cellars invested 8 million euro because they benefited from favorable economic situation and the necessary equipments were bought with 40-50% less of their price. One investment is a combine that harvests grapes. Almost everything... details
15/09/2010 / Romania Libera
The Parâng resort will be equipped with snow cannon pools and the ski slopes will be extended. Parang Resort development project will begin in a few days. The Mayor of Petrosani City, Mr. Tiberiu Iacob - Ridzi declared that it was signed the contract with the group of companies who won the tender ... details
15/09/2010 / Glasul Aradului
Arad County Council inaugurated yesterday, new investments in road infrastructure in Arad County.It is about the work between county roads DJ791 and DJ792C for traffic fluidity and two other streets in Santana City. The financing investment of over 3.5 million lei was provided by Arad County Council... details
02/09/2010 / CarasOnline
In Sacu village, Caras-Severin County, a vast project of modernization and infrastructure development will take place. More specifically, from the amount of 2.5 MEuro will be rehabilitated the water and sewerage networks. From the remaining funds the streets in Tincoviţa village will be paved, acco... details
01/09/2010 / Argument CS
In Caransebes will be opened the most modern and equipped Hospital ward in Caras-Severin County. The plan of this Hospital ward will be possible after Caransabes Local Council won at West Regional Development Agency the funding request. The total investment amounts to approximately 3 MEuro and loca... details
01/09/2010 / TimisOnline
West University of Timisoara will invest over 10 MEuro for implementation of an advanced environmental research institute. 85% of funds come from the European Union and 15% - University's contribution, is covered by equity. The Institute will bring together researchers from the Faculty of Chemistry... details
01/09/2010 / Mesagerul Hunedorean
Yesterday afternoon at Lunca Cernii has started the modernization work of the county road in length of 30.28 kilometers, road that will link several villages in Ţinutul Pădurenilor - from 2 neighboring Counties: Hunedoara and Caras-Severin. This project will have a value up to 105.37 million lei a... details