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Success story of West Region Romania - Arad West Industrial Zone

Success story of West Region Romania - Arad West Industrial Zone

Location: in the western part of Romania - to the north of West Region. The city is only 60 km away from the border with Hungary.

Owner: Arad City Council

Description of the Arad West Industrial Zone

· Established: 1998.

· Location: North - West side of the city.

· Area: 150 ha.

· Destination: services, storage and industrial activities.

· Access: road E68 Vienna - Budapest - Arad - Deva -Bucharest.

· Infrastructure: all utilities

At present, the industrial zone is fully occupied and the companies develop activities in the following fields: light industry, storage, production of car components, production of industrial and electrical components, ceramic and porcelain industry.

The industrial zone is also provided with an Internal Custom Point and a modern Exhibition Centre.

The main objectives of the set up of the industrial zone were:

· The economic development of the city and of the region.

· The attraction of great investors.

· The creation of new job opportunities for the inhabitants of the city and the commuting area.

· The development of infrastructures.

· To increase the life standards of the population.

· The general development of the city.

· The promotion of the city as an important economic and business centre in the region.

The first company to invest in Arad West Industrial Zone was Leoni Wiring Systems in 1998, followed by Takata - Petri. They hired together more than two thousand people at that time. These two companies became a valuable example for other companies, actually a "business card" of the municipality for the new investors.

Another company located in Arad West Industrial Zone is the company HUF Romania, established in 2006, an exlusively assisted West RDA project. The establishment of HUF Romania is another success story of West RDA.

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