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06/02/2012 / Romania Libera
Malev went bankrupt this week, under special protection from creditors and the government appointed a special administrator. The providers have started to demand advance payments for their services and the government couldn't finance the company as the European Commission prohibited in January. Al... details
03/02/2012 / Hotnews
Romania's population decreased to nearly 19 million, a figure that has not been registered since 1966, according to the preliminary results published on Friday by the National Institute of Statistics (INS). Of the total resident population of Romania, 10 million people have the residence in cities a... details
03/02/2012 / Ziarul Financiar
The businessman from Timisoara, Ovidiu Sandor has signed with South Africans from New Europe Property Investments (NEPI), the largest real estate transaction of the last 12 months and sold the City Business Center office project (CBC) for 90 million Euro. The first three buildings were sold for lit... details
02/02/2012 / Timis Online
Timisoara will become next week the Romanian capital city of online commerce. There will be organized „ecomTIM\", the most important regional event in Romania dedicated e-commerce industry and online marketing. The event will be held on 8 and 9 February, in Timisoara. This year \"ecomTIM\" will b... details
01/02/2012 / Renasterea Banateana
Starting from February 1st 2012, the new prices for parking subscriptions are: General - monthly: 42.82 lei               - Quarterly: 122.85 lei               - Year: 450.34 leiBearer: - monthly: 85.68 lei             - Quarterly: 245.70 lei        ... details
01/02/2012 / Ora de Timis
The city center area will change in the next years. With funding of several million euro, within the Regional Operational Program 2007-2013, there will be built the County Center for Business Support, who will host also the County Library. The modern building will also have an underground parking a... details
16/01/2012 / Mesagerul Hunedorean
The local councilors from Vulcan approved the Urban Area Plan for \"Pasul Valcan\" resort. For its implementation, there is only needed the environmental agreement. The Urban Area Plan approved by the local officials states: the area planning, the construction of houses, hotels and restaurants. In ... details