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15/03/2013 /
The Regional Development Agency - West Region with Tehimpuls Association - The Regional Center for Innovation and Technological Transfer, the Innovation Agency from Szeged and IPA Fraunhofer Institute, in partnership with the regional cluster, Automotivest and the Regional Information and Communicat... details
14/03/2013 /
The members of the European Regions Network for the Application of Communications Technology (ERNACT) were present in Timisoara, at the West Regional Development Agency (West RDA), on 12 and 13 March 2013. This is the first time a meeting of the Interregional Management Committee of ERNACT takes pla... details
20/02/2013 /
The West Regional Development Agency and the Tehimpuls Association - The Regional Innovation and Technology Transfer Center in partnership with The Fraunhofer Institute IPA, organize the First Edition of the Regional Innovation Fair - InnoMatch during April 3rd-4th 2013 at Expo Arad International. ... details
25/01/2013 /
The representatives of North Karelia University of Applied Sciences and of the Finnish Forest Research Institute will come in the West Region, during 28 - 29 January 2013 in a study visit on renewable energy from biomass. The visit takes place as a result of the elaboration by the West Regional Dev... details
11/01/2013 /
WES2013 - FOREST ENERGY & BIOECONOMY 2013 - is a Finnish show-room of latest developments in forest bioenergy, bioeconomy and decentralized energy production - presented by top speakers and in situ demonstrations. WES2013 is also an ideal forum for international networking in one of the most bea... details
14/12/2012 /
The EU-Japan Centre is currently launching a call for applications for the \"HRTP-Japan Industry Insight\" 2013 programme for EU companies needing concrete tools for handling business issues with Japan. For its 49th edition, this programme will provide an unique opportunity to get within a very sho... details
12/12/2012 /
The production unit of the German manufacturer of communications equipment Kathrein, from Timisoara, reached 1.000 employees with 10% more than the previous year, due to a higher demand for antennas - delivered to customers in Romania and the other markets such as South America. Ovidiu Stanescu, te... details