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13/11/2013 / Fonduri Structurale
On November 11, 2013, was published In the Official Monitor the Government Decision no. 848/2013 amending and completing Government Decision no. 274/2013 on de minimis aid for investments made by SMEs. The new minimis scheme stipulates the fact that the maximum intensity of a grant will not be 100%... details
05/11/2013 / Ziarul Financiar
SMEs in the industry can receive grants for investments in improving energy efficiency. The funds are available for Romania through grants awarded by the European Economic Area (EEA), namely Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein. The total allocation amounts to  8 million euro, while each project will... details
08/10/2013 / Ziua de Vest
Timis Agency for Payments and Intervention in Agriculture (APIA) informs farmers regarding applications for grant aid during this period. The deadline is December 15, 2013. Specific measures for accepting applications are: improving the quality of agricultural products - for land and animals in the... details
12/09/2013 /
\"Identifying and funding energy efficiency measures to increase the profitability of SMEs\" is the theme of the regional event, held on September 25, 2013, at the Continental Hotel in Arad. The event is part of the EBRD 1 - \"Sustainable Energy Financing Facility for SMEs in Romania\" (RoSEFF) to p... details
25/07/2013 / Timis Online
At first 20 and later, up to 50 software developers will work to the following software programs that will be implemented in the new generation of chipsets that will operate the DAB radios. This digital standard will replace the current AM and FM frequencies. „We promote a product that will bear... details
19/07/2013 / Financiarul
The European Investment Bank (EIB) will grant, at European level, loans in the amount of 6 billion euro in order to support small and medium enterprises that employ young people stated on Thursday, the Labor Minister, Mariana Campeanu. \"My recommendation is that small and medium enterprises take t... details
18/07/2013 / Timis Online
The National Rural Development Programme brought in Timis county 300 million euro. Totally, more than 5.800 contracts were signed, the degree of absorption being of 52.87%. The Regional Payments Center for Rural Development and Fisheries, 5 West Romania (CRPDRP 5 West Romania) signed 5.808 financin... details