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The automotive industry in Timis County covers the Romania's foreign trade deficit

Date: 18/06/2012
Source: Timis Online

Timis county economy achieved​​ after Bucharest, Romania's largest exports. The difference is that West Region has a more healthy economy, with a positive trade balance and not strongly negative, as in the case of Bucharest.

The most amount of money coming in from outside Romania is related to the automotive industry and to car components.

After Bucharest, Timis is the most important exporter in Romania. It is followed by Arges. In Timis the automotive industry covers most of the local economy and thus the success of regional trade. However the number of industries that export is much higher than in other counties. The ICT industry is also very developed in Timis County, the most important brands in ICT being present in the region.

Timis County is the third in Romania in terms of imports. The trade balance of Timis County has a plus of 63 million Euro which shows the strength of the local industry and how much of the production is exported.

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