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2. Strategic Location

West Region has developed as a major logistic turning point to the assembly companies and importers of products for international markets. In this respect, West Region can be very attractive for logistic activities related to shipping goods to Central and Eastern Europe from Eastern Asia. 

Being situated at roughly the same distance from Vienna and Bucharest, Timişoara, West Region's „seat", has become during the past years a true Euro-regional hub. This status has been also attained due to its international airport, which is the most important regional airport within the Budapest-Bucharest-Belgrade triangle, with more than 20 international destinations.

The inclusion of West Region in the two major transport networks - the TEN-T Network (Trans-European Network for Transport) and the Pan-European Corridors - is increasing the location advantages. Two Pan-European Corridors are present in the region: Corridor IV and Corridor VII, the latter one represented by the Danube, which make the connection between Central and South-Eastern Europe.            

The road infrastructure in West Region is constantly modernized and adapted to European standards. This fact is very important not only to those investors interested in exploiting the region's resources, but also to those who want to use West Region as a major logistic hub. West Region is being crossed by five European roads, three of them being main roads and the other two secondary roads.

In West Region there are four airports, one in each county, and two of them are international and included on the TEN-T Network: Traian Vuia Airport of Timişoara and Aurel Vlaicu Airport of Arad. The International Airport of Timişoara represents an access gateway of Euro-regional importance, since it is the most deployed in the Budapest-Beograd-Bucharest triangle. The Aurel Vlaicu Airport of Arad has a cargo terminal which covers almost all the international freight traffic of the region and it also enables a few low-cost companies to operate within its premises.

The railway system in West Region is the second dense in Romania. The region is crossed by three international railways, two of them connecting the region with Serbia and the third one with Hungary.