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In Arad began the work at The Wine Road a project that values over 61 million Lei

Date: 12/08/2011

The rehabilitation of over 20 kilometers of county road started in "The Wine Road: Paulis-Ghioroc-Covarsant- Siria" project.

The project is implemented in Arad County , on the administrative territory of Paulis, Ghioroc, Siria and Covasant communes and includes  as a main activity the rehabilitation of two important access ways : 708 B County Road, between 0+000 km (separation of the 7 National Road  in Paulis commune) ; 18+720 km ( the intersection with the 709 County Road  in the Siria commune ) ; the 708 C County Road between 0+000 km (separation of the 7 National Road in the Sambateni commune) and 5+300 km ( in the Ghioroc commune at the intersection with the 708 B County Road ).

The rehabilitation of the County Roads will  ensure the access of tourists from the north of the County and also from Bihor County towards Lipova health/holiday resort and towards other sights.


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