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It was launched the first tourism portal dedicated to Romanian and Serbian Banat,


Tehimpuls Association - whose founding member is the West Regional Development Agency (West RDA) - has developed and implemented in collaboration with the Agency for Socio-Economic Development - Banat Zrenjanin (Serbia) the "Revival of the cross-border tourism through innovative services for the benefit of local communities ".

The project objective is to achieve a strategic, effective and of impact promotion, of the cross-border supply and tourism potential. The project will be implemented during a period of 18 months, in partnership with the Agency for Socio-Economic Development, Banat Zrenjanin. Entrepreneurs in the tourism industry, public institutions active in the tourism sector, NGOs operating in tourism, national and international tourists will have after completion of the project, access to a portal that will include a customized package of innovative tools and services for the benefit of local communities.

The most important results of the project are:  launching a trilingual portal (in Romanian, Serbian and English) dedicated to promote Banat region -, setting up an information office within the Tehimpuls association, in Romania and a cluster - Banat Route - in Serbia formed of municipalities in Serbian Banat (North Banat,  Middle Banat and South Banat).

The launching event of took place on April 9, 2014, in the presence of the project partners, representatives of local government in Banat (municipalities and county councils), tourism associations and universities in the region, and representatives of the tourism cluster dedicated to Romanian Banat - ClusturBanat - and representatives of national parks in the region also.


Tehimpuls Association - The Regional Center of Innovation and Technology Transfer was established in 2006 with the mission to increase regional economic competitiveness by facilitating cooperation between business, universities and research centers. The Regional Center for Innovation and Technology Transfer addresses both, the economic environment by providing support services for the implementation of innovative solutions in businesses, and the academic environment by providing marketing research results and technology transfer intermediaries.

Agency for Socio-Economic Development Banat Zrenjanin (Serbia) is the first institution dedicated to socio-economic development of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina and the Banat region of Serbia. The agency seeks sustainable solutions economically and socially, environmentally friendly solutions to ensure a sustainable development of Banat region of Serbia.

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