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West Region Sustainable development is supported with European funds


West Regional Development Agency announced that on 25.07.2012 the project "The sustainability - engine of development in the West Region" funded under the Technical Assistance Operational Program (OPTA) - Technical Assistance Facility.

The project is financed at 100% from European funds through the Operational Program of Technical Assistance with a total value of 157,000 lei without VAT.

West RDA implements the project "Sustainability - engine of development in West Region" in the West Region during the 14 weeks. The project aims to develop a methodology for analysis of sustainable development in the West Region in order to enable better regional programming activities connected to the European strategic directions, but also based on the resources and development needs diagnosis in terms of sustainability projects funding.

The project will support the regional planning and programming approach for 2014-2020 - approach reflected in the Regional Development Plan for the West Region, in accordance with the objectives of EU development strategy.

The regional programming, based on needs analysis and integration of solutions as a cross cutting theme, ensure effective and efficient absorption of regional funds, strategic regional programming objectives through projects aiming sustainable regional development and focused on providing funding and also a high degree of transparency in the evaluation of these projects.

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