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Invest in West Region


With an experience spanning over 13 years, West Regional Development Agency (RDA West) West Region promotes foreign investors interested in expanding their activities in the region. The Investment Bureau within the Agency has assisted many investors in finding locations and to become operational.

The Promotion and Development of Investments Department within the West Regional Development Agency aims to attract foreign direct investments and extend the existing ones. The activity of the department is structured on two clear lines: development and promotion.

The purpose is to develop a business infrastructure network. It will be made a correlation between the local industries around this business infrastructure or proposed to be located within their most developed regional industry.

The promotion will be under the brand of West Region. It will be developed a package of promotional materials that will include a catalog of locations in the region for investors. The website dedicated to West Region will be available with information and updated news.

Therefore the Promotion and Development of Investments Department can guide you to find investment opportunities, can help with information for your planned investment projects and can provide an overview of the West Region.

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