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European Funds for Energy Efficiency in Industry


On June 15, 2012 was launched a new call for proposals for investments in energy efficiency improvements for industrial companies within Sectorial Operational Program - Increase of Economic Competitiveness, through Operation 4.1.a) "Support for investments in systems and equipment for companies in industry that will lead to energy savings, in order to improve energy efficiency. "

The call will remain open until October 30, 2012. The budget is 240 million Lei (53.75 million Euro).

The maximum grant that can be requested for a project is 80 million Lei, while the maximum value of the project (including VAT) may not exceed 50 million Euro - equivalent in Lei.

Funding intensity varies between 40% -70% of total eligible costs depending on company size and location of the project.

Applicants eligible for the operation are large enterprises, medium enterprises, small and micro enterprises from different industries that implement projects whose objective is to increase energy efficiency and energy saving.

Eligible projects:

  • Investments in facilities / Specific equipment for industrial companies in order to achieve energy savings based on energy balance (eg: air compressors, pumps, machinery / equipment / ventilation systems, heating / cooling, boilers, burners, frequency converters, integrated energy management);
  • Investment in high efficiency cogeneration units of industrial enterprises (modernization of CHP plants or building new ones);
  • Investment in constructions related to industrial process covered by the energy efficiency project (but only those related to modified or replaced equipment);
  • Other activities  than those above that may be considered eligible only if the applicant proves that they are absolutely necessary in order to achieve the energy efficiency measure and are consistent with the objectives of the operation. 

Like in the previous call, the minimum level of energy required for annual savings after implementing the project is 5%, which must be justified by an authorized energy balance. This is the last call for energy efficiency operation in industry (SOP 4.1a).

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