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West Regional Development Agency announces "The Regional Innovation Fair 2014" - the 2nd Edition, Arad, West Region Romania, November 12, 2014

Over 250 people attended the second edition of the Regional Innovation Fair, November 12, 2014, Arad, West Region Romania

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West Regional Development Agency in partnership with Tehimpuls Association - Regional Centre for Innovation and Technology Transfer and the two clusters of the West Region - Automotivest and The Regional Information and Communication Technology Cluster is organizing the second edition of the Regional Innovation Fair, annual event that promotes the innovation generated within Western Region.

The event will take place during one day, in November 12, 2014, in Arad.

The Regional Innovation Fair 2014 will focus on two objectives:

  • Promoting and debating the financing opportunities offered by Horizon 2020 for strategic regional development projects in research, development, innovation and innovative business development
  • Awarding The Regional Innovation Prize 2014 within the competition of inovative products/technologies/ solutions

This year, during the competition, there will be selected eco-innovative solutions focused on the efficient use of resources and reduced environmental impact in the following sectors: automotive and mechanical engineering, agro-food, constructions, energy efficiency and renewable energy sources and information and communications technology. Prizes will consist in training sessions, consulting schemes and grants for the development of eco-innovative start-ups and will be offered within the "Eco-Innovative Businesses in West Region" project, funded through the Green Industry Innovation Programme Romania, Norwegian Fiancial Mechanism 2009-2014, Programme Operator - Innovation Norway.

We remind you that the first edition of the Regional Innovation Fair "InnoMatch" held on April 3rd-4th 2013, in Arad, attracted over 650 participants, 47 exhibiting organizations - research centers, universities and companies in the field of automotive and machine construction, agro-food, construction, energy efficiency and renewable energy sources and information and communications technology , and promoted 97 innovative products.

More information about The Regional Innovation Fair, 2013 edition - speakers, presentations, photos: