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Regional Cluster for Information and Communication Technology - West Region Romania

West Regional Development Agency Romania (Enterprise Europe Network Partner in Romania West Region), with the support of ERNACT European Regions Network for the Application of Communications Technology, organizes a company mission in Ireland for Romanian SMEs in ICT sector in 27th - 28th of May 2015.  The scope of the mission is to foster development of business and research partnerships in the ICT sector between companies from West Region Romania and Ireland.

The event is dedicated to companies and research organizations within Romanian West Region ICT Cluster and selected companies in Ireland, especially ICT solutions developing companies (SaaS, PaaS, Cloud as a Service and Multi Clouds, IoT etc.), ICT service providers and R&D researchers looking for partners to further develop their research. During this mission Romanian companies will visit R&D entities active in the field of data analytics / big data and cutting edge IT solutions, participate in group discussion with Irish organizations dedicated to IT developments and emerging trends and discuss business opportunities within prearranged meetings with both IT  and other enterprises looking for business advancements through digital solutions.

The agenda can be visualized here...

Romanian and Irish companies will cover their travel and accommodation costs. Participation in this event is free of charge.

West RDA, an Enterprise Europe Network Partner will support Romanian and Irish SMEs throughout the entire process by:

  • Establishing contacts in Ireland and preparing the mission
  • Prearranging ibilateral meetings based on interests expressed
  • Supporting  Romanian companies with their preliminary preparations for their travel to Ireland;
  • Assisting before, during and after the mission - including market knowledge, sector niches and business models, cultural variety, company matching, negotiations and pre-arrangements for further business cooperation; -
  • Offering complementary advisory services deriving from the mission, including means to support cross-border cooperation of SMEs (funding opportunities, IPR, technology upgrades etc.)

West Regional Development Agency is organizing this mission, building on previous co-operation between the West Region Romania and ERNACT - European Regions Network for the Application of Communications Technology ( aimed at addressing jointly ICT challenges in Europe and, in particular within West Region and Ireland.

For further details, please contact Cristin Cistelecan,

Phone: 0040 256 491 923,


The Association „Regional Cluster for Information and Communication Technology - West Region Romania" was created on July 1, 2011, following the initiative of 26 founding members, public and private organisations in the regional ICT sector, namely: county councils and cityhalls, universities, enterprises of different sizes, Romanian and multinational, business support structures.

The Regional ICT Cluster - West Region Romania was setup with the aim of promoting and supporting the regional ICT enterprises in becoming global market players, with their own products, under a strong regional brand.

This vision is supported by the following specific objectives of the cluster:

  • Dynamic evolution of the ICT regional industry from trade and services to the development of own products and consultancy
  • Consolidating the ICT regional industry by developing research centers and stimulating the increase of the products' added value
  • An integrated education offer with real time update from the needs of regional ICT business environment
  • Maintain the ICT human resources in West Region Romania
  • Create a favorable regional context for ICT business, prioritize the public investments in the sector and attract new resources and investments in the region

It is worth mentioning the fact that the ICT sector represents one of the main development engines of West Region, with a turnover of 4million euros (2009) and a total number of 12,000 employees (2009). The enterprises produce mostly software, hardware, they trade of offer consultancy. Moreover the sector tends to be highly innovative.

The Board of the Cluster is made up of:

  • President - Mr. Sorin Maxim, West RDA
  • Secretary - Mr. Ovidiu Şandor, Modatim Business Facility
  • Members - coordinators of the 5 theme committees:
  1. Coordinator of Administration Committee - Vicepresident Mr. Adrian Florin Ţolea, Arad County Council
  2. Coordinator of Education Committee - Mrs. Dana Petcu, E-Austria Institute
  3. Coordinator of RDI Committee - Mrs. Delia Golcea, OCE Software
  4. Coordinator of Business Development and Start-Up Committee - Mr. Horaţiu Moldovan, Lasting System
  5. Coordinator of Internationalisation Committee - Mr. Sabin Totorean, Alcatel Lucent

The Honorary Board of the Association is made up of well-known names of the sector:

  • Varujan Pambuccian - Honorary President, member of the IT Committee assisting the Romanian Parliament Deputy Chamber, Professor at Politehnica University Bucharest
  • Dan Bedros - Member, former President and General Director at Alcatel Romania, former Vice-President of Alcatel-Lucent for South-East Europe, President of Strategic Board of Thales Romania
  • Virgil Marton - Member, former Strategic Unit Coordinator at HP, former telecommunications responsible for Europe at Lucent
  • Radu Georgescu - Member, Chairman of the Board of Axigen/GECAD Technologies, Avangate, GECAD NET and Director of the Board for GECAD ePayment
  • Silviu Hotăran - Member, former General Manager at Microsoft Romania, former General Manager at Microsoft South-East Europe and former General Manager at CIEL Romania

This initiative of West Regional Development Agency is a result of the Regional Innovation Strategy 2009-2013 and is part of the activities and projects through which West RDA supports the strategic sectors of West Region.


West Regional Delvelopment Agency

Arad County Council

Caras-Severin County Council

Timis County Council

Arad City Hall

Deva City Hall

Timisoara City Hall

"Aurel Vlaicu" Unversity, Arad

"Politehnica" University in Timisoara

West University, Timisoara

West University "Vasile Goldis", Arad

Alcatel Lucent Romania SRL

ACI Worldwide SRL

SSI Schaefer SRL

Lasting System SRL

OCE Software Romania

Kathrein Romania SRL

Flextronics Romania SRL

E Austria Institute

SC Vox Filemakers Solutions SRL

Modatim Business Facility SA


Genisoft SRL

Intuitive Software SRL


SC Digital Geek SA

Tehimpuls Association



M2M Smart Systems

Interlink Banat