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Industrial tradition of Banat

One of the features of the industrial sector at the level of the West Region is the presence of nearly all branches of industry: machine construction, automotive, ICT, electronic parts, wood processing, mining industry, chemical industry, food industry, etc.

In 2012, in West Region 42.622 companies were active. Share belongs to micro - enterprises (86.4%) and small enterprises (10.9%).

Source: NIS (2012), Statistical Yearbook of Romania 2013

SME activity was affected by the economic crisis this fluctuation being noticed on the main indicators.

During 2008-2011 regional GDP grew significant, reaching in 2011 to 55.290 million lei calculated at current prices. The regional GDP constantly attended by around 10% to national GDP.

Source: NIS, (2011), Romanian, Regional National Accounts 2002-2013

In 2011 the largest contribution to regional GDP in the West Region was Timis with 49%. Follows Arad (22%), Hunedoara (17%) and Caras-Ceverin,with a share of 12%.

Source: NIS, (2011), Regional National Accounts 2002-2013

According to Eurostat, GDP per inhabitant in 2011 in West Region was 54 euros, higher than the level of Romania, 48 Euro. The highest GDP was recorded in Bucharest-Ilfov Region (122 Euro), thus exceeding the 75% threshold set by the Convergence objective and the minimum value was recorded in the North-East Region (29 Euro).

Source: Eurostat, 2014