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Impressive volume of FDIs

The West Region benefits of a relatively high rate of foreign capital participation, based on the continuation of the traditional exchanges and on a regional behavior continuously adapting itself to the international business environment.

In 2012, FDI in West Region reached 4 510 million euro placing West Region on the third place in the rank of investment competitiveness.

Source: NBR, NIS, (2012), Foreign Direct Investment in Romania in 2012

The direct foreign investments in the West Region have been oriented depending on the accessibility and potential offered by each area, as well as the business mentality and the traditions in the relevant fields, most of them being concentrated in the counties of Timis and Arad.

FDIs in West Region Romania The main investment sectors are:

  • Production of motor vehicles, trailers and semitrailers
  • Clothing
  • Metallic construction and metal products except machinery and equipment
  • Production of rubber and plastic
  • Collection, treatment and disposal of waste materials recovery activities
  • Production of electrical equipment
  • Machinery and equipment
  • Service activities in information technology

The largest number of foreign investments located in West Region are from Germany, namely a total of 56 companies with turnover exceeding one million. On second place is Italy with a total of 41 investors. Follows Austria and France.