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08/06/2012 /
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Business announces the 2012 edition of the Promoting the European Enterprises Awards organized by the General Directorate for Enterprise and Industry of the European Commission. The awards for promoting European companies identify and recognize the most successful pro... details
25/05/2012 /
Timis County Council won a European project amounting to 76.3 million Lei (about 17 million Euro), of which about 30 million Lei (6.7 million Euro) represents the grant. The project is funded by Regio, The Regional Operational Programme 2007-2013, under Priority Axis 1. -'' Support the sustainable ... details
23/05/2012 /
BMW intends to open  a new car factory and the areas targeted are Brazil, Mexico, or Eastern European countries. BMW announced for some time now that it would like an assembly factory in Brazil, but the plan has not been  materialized. The manufacturer said that the speculations  on opening a ne... details
15/05/2012 /
From 16th to 19th October 2012 will take place the 15th TCI Annual Global Conference . The theme of the conference, jointly hosted by the Basque Government and Orkestra is \"Constructing Place-based Competitiveness in Times of Global Change\". The conference provides a unique opportunity for ... details
15/05/2012 /
During 7 - 10 June 2012, Expo Arad International organizes the international fair TRANSPORT-AR and Arad International Auto Show, the biggest event of professional transport, road, rail, related services, logistics, road safety. The two events organized by Expo Arad International in partnership with... details
04/05/2012 /
Clusters as Drivers for Economic and Social Development in the Mediterranean Area Conference is the first TCI Conference organized in the Mediterranean Area where there is a great deal of clustering policy development and implementation experience especially in the last decade. The expected attenda... details
04/04/2012 /
WCM is an intensive 5-day training mission in Japan about improvement of productivity, assisting executives from EU manufacturing companies to acquire a better understanding of how Japanese companies continually eliminate costs from their manufacturing. This mission will provide participants with an... details