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29/11/2011 /
West Region, consisting of Arad, Caras-Severin, Hunedoara and Timis counties, signed the Memorandum of Understanding on regional development with North Region from Republic of Moldova. The signing of the memorandum took place at Arad County Council, in the presence of local and regional authorities,... details
16/11/2011 /
The European Commission approved the non reimbursable financing from European funds for the construction of Lugoj-Deva highway. It is about the section that starts from Lugoj and goes to Dumbrava. The amount of European funds provided for this road section is of 177.4 million euro. The total value o... details
15/11/2011 /
The relationship between banks and SMEs tends to overcome the simple products such as credit - deposit and to turn into long term partnerships. Small SMEs and banks are beginning to understand that a business relationship is not just the product offered or the price or guarantees. A business relatio... details
02/11/2011 /
The financial problems faced by the European governments force the large companies to restructure their operations and dismiss thousands of employees. The local and foreign companies are forced to rethink their business strategy due to the decrease of sales and to the economic projections for 2012. ... details
13/10/2011 /
Romania was in August the fourth annual increase in industrial production in the European Union, over the same month last year, 7.7%, while the European average was 4.3%, according to data provided by Eurostat. Compared to July, the industrial production in Romania amounted with 1.9% being the seven... details
10/10/2011 /
The international supplier of electronic components and the tire manufacturer, Continental foresees the creation of 2000 new jobs in Romania. Prime Minister, Emil Boc, and Mr. Christian von Albrichsfeld, General Manager of Continental Automotive Romania and representative of Continental Group in Rom... details
26/09/2011 /
West Regional Development Agency has organized during 21-22 September 2011 a study visit regarding the renewable energy. The study visit aimed to identify solutions for improving the energy efficiency in residential and public buildings and also to promote the most representative examples of buildi... details