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19/09/2012 /
Timisoara municipality will offer tax incentives for large investments that exceed 2 million Euro and lead to the creation of new jobs. These facilities can go up to total exemption of tax liabilities, depending on the value of the investment. Last year, Timisoara City Hall gave tax incentives whic... details
13/09/2012 /
West Regional Development Agency (West RDA) submitted for funding, together with the partners in the Automotivest  Association  , an integrated package of projects related to the development of the automotive and machine construction in the West Region. The applicant for funding is the Regional Cl... details
13/09/2012 /
11/09/2012 /
West Regional Development Agency (West RDA) - as beneficiary - signed the contract with the Authority for Coordination of Structural Instruments in Romania - The Managing Authority for the Operational Programme Technical Assistance - and the framework agreement with the World Bank - service provider... details
07/09/2012 /
In response to India's position as an emergent global leader, World Investment Conferences is organizing a WIC focused on India's attractiveness and competitiveness from the perspective of foreign investors and with the participation of Indian political and business leaders. The event will take plac... details
04/09/2012 /
The expert community will gather at the NEW MOBILITY FORUM 2012, which will be held in the Blumenhalle (\"Flower Hall\") of St. Veit an der Glan from 17 to 19 October 2012, to share their expertise on and to discuss renewable sources of energy and alternative forms of mobility. In 2012 the NEW MOBIL... details
04/09/2012 /
During  15 October to 4 November 2012 will take place in  Guangzhou (Canton),  the International Inport-Export  Fair of China,  the most important business event of this autumn. The economic mission will include three stages for diferent groups of products: Phase 1: 13 - 21 October 2012: comp... details