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Tax incentives to attract investors in Deva

Date: 01/11/2012

According to the new aid  scheme, the city hall in Deva will grant tax facilities depending on the value of the investment and the number of new jobs created. 

Thus, for an investment of over 500.000 Euro and 25 jobs, the tax on buildings will be reduced by 30 percent and will be granted an exemption from land tax (this last facility is valid throughout the entire scheme). At an investment of 1.000,000 Euro and 50 jobs, the tax reduction reaches 40 percent, for an investment of 2.000.000 Euro and 100 new jobs, the reduction is 50 percent, while for the business of 5.000.000 Euro and 200 new jobs, the municipality will not charge any tax on buildings and for the land.

The total amount of aid, granted to a firm shall not exceed the equivalent of 200.000 Euro or 100.000 Euro for those operating in the transport sector, cumulative amounts over a period of three consecutive fiscal years. 

The aid scheme will be valid until the end of 2016.

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