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A Turkish investor wants to build in Timis County two new logistics parks, shops and restaurants

Date: 13/09/2012
Source: Timis Online

The Regional Business Center will host a business meeting with a delegation from Turkey. Among the delegates are representatives of the Döner-Distribution Audit System Türk Döner (D-DAS), a company who has expressed its interest to invest in Timis County. The company is having an ongoing large-scale investment project in the food sector.

D-DAS will establish in Romania, 12 logistics parks of which two in Timis County, several sales points of food, spices, fruits and vegetables, and also Turkish restaurants.

The Turkish investor has chosen Jimbolia to establish the headquarters of operations for this part of Europe, following to expand in other regions of the European Union.

The activity will be focused on the food business, production and integrated distribution. Each logistics park will have: slaughterhouses for cattle, sheep and poultry; a meat factory; packing factory; bread and pizza factory; nectar , fruit juices and mineral water factory;  lokum factory (traditional Turkish sweets), spice factory; a training center / vacuum packaging fruit and vegetables;  auto station and cooling boxes, laboratories for quality control.

The investment will create about 1500 -1700 jobs.

To achieve the objectives, the company seeks to develop partnerships with companies in Timis County, potential suppliers of agro-food, production of juices and mineral water, milk products, vegetables, fruits, bread and meat products.

At the end of 2011 were registered with the Trade Registry Timis a total of 77 Turkish companies with a foreign capital subscribed by 635.346.51 Euro.



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