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Single taxes and fees for the registration at the Register of Commerce

Date: 10/08/2012

A draft government decision recently published on the websites of the Ministry of Justice and the National Trade Register Office  provides unique registration fees and taxes in the trade register.

The draft law provides a single tariff of 90 lei for registering a person, a similar level for tax paid in the current system by aggregating all costs of this operation: registration - 30 lei, obtaining  Unique Code of Indentification - 10 lei, obtaining criminal record tax - 10 lei, sending statements to the authorities - 10 lei and confirming certificate - 10 lei.

If the draft will be approved, the registration of legal persons with a single associate and the application for authorization for two main activities will cost 250 lei.

For a complex reference with minimal changes, for example a transfer of shares / appointment / administrator / change main activity the tax will be 220 ​​lei, similar to the current level.

By applying these fees and taxes there will be created the preconditions for the online payment using credit card through the National Electronic Payment Online System and will be removed the time allocated to calculate the services.

Draft Decision of the Government will be included on agenda of the Government in the next period.


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