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West RDA has announced the winners of the ScaleUP 2017 Regional Competition


The Regional Competition ScaleUP 2017 is a pilot ran by West RDA's dedicated to SMEs from West and South-West Oltenia development regions with potential for scaling up, organized in the context of   Enterprise Europe Network - the largest businesses support network in the world.

The competition took place between 8 November - 15 December 2017 in 2 stages:

  • Submission of application with details about the company's activity, development stage and international scaling ambitions
  • Pitching within Innomatch 2017 regional event on December 12th.

Each stage has been evaluated separately from the perspective of the company's scaling potential by the evaluation commission composed of West RDA experts.

The following 11 companies enrolled in the competition: Apiarium SRL, Ascent soft SRL, Aur'a Mineral Water SRL, Dream Development SRL, Duo Bio SRL, E.B.I.G. Management SRL, Effective Flux SRL, Nan Alexandru intreprindere individuala, Nazza SRL, Piconet SRL and Vipublic Com Advertising SRL.

In the final ranking of the competition, the first 3 places are occupied by:

1st place - NAZZA SRL - active company in the production and marketing of the essential oils and hydrolates

2nd place - ASCENT SOFT SRL -  software development company  for business productivity

3rd place - NAN ALEXANDRU INTREPRINDERE INDIVIDUALA - apiculture products producing company

During 2018, the winners of the first edition of the ScaleUP regional competition will benefit  from a consulting package for business scale-up that will include:

·         Developing a strategy for business scale-up

·         Coaching for implementation of the strategy for business scale-up

·         Training sessions for the specific scale-up phase (e.g. innovation management, leadership, international scale-up)

·         Supporting with identification of  international strategic partners

·         Individual consulting to access new international markets Promoting the company at international level

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