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Automotive Company Mission of West Region to Stuttgart, October 26-29, 2015, Germany


West Regional Development Agency - West Region, as coordinator of Ro-Boost SMEs Consortium, Enterprise Europe Network partner, is organizing an economic mission dedicated to companies active in machine building and auto. The event will be organized in Stuttgart, Germany, during October 26-29, 2015.

The areas covered in this mission are: CNC metal processing technology, plastic injection and moulding, machine tools, robotics, tools, etc.

Thus, joining the economic mission you will benefit of: ·

  • On October 27th: Participation to a workshop: "Auto and machine building industry in Baden-Wurttemberg", where to attend presentations about the automotive industry in Stuttgart and its surroundings, considered "the cradle of the automotive industry in Europe".   ·
  • Participating in pre-established bilateral meetings with companies active in your sector to establish business partnerships.   ·
  • On October 28th: visiting a well-known cars manufacturer, one company active in machine building industry and one research institute. ·
  • We suggest also visiting a museum dedicated to the automotive industry - Porsche Museum.

In addition West RDA, as organizer of the economic mission, will support you in:

  • Preparing an attractive cooperation profile and registration for the event
  • Identifying interesting participants for you and pre-establish bilateral meetings
  • Planning the organized group travel ·
  • Support you throughout the event, including during the negotiation of partnerships,where needed

Please consult the agenda of the mission here...

The participation within the event is free of charge. The costs you will have to cover are related to transport, accommodation and organizational expenses made by the host institution in Germany.

Please consult the cost sheet here...

In order to capitalize this opportunity, West RDA will collect, in the following period, all the information about the offers or services provided by the participating companies. Thus, West RDA will conduct an interview and complete a partnerhip profile.

In this context, in order to prepare a possible participation of the company you represent at this event and to prepare bilateral meetings that you are targeting, please fill in your company profile at the following link:

Subsequently, you will be contacted by a consultant of our team to schedule a meeting at your headquarters.

Please consult the economic profile of Baden-Wurttemberg land here...

For more information please contact Mr. Cristin Cistelecan, phone: 0746 156 520, e-mail

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