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Training session on wood construction, addressed to architects in West Region Romania


At the invitation of the West Regional Development Agency, on May 14, 2014, experts from Karelia University of Applied Sciences in Finland, Mr. Asko Puhakka and Mr Toni Kekki will hold a training session on wood constructions, addressed to architects in West Region Romania. The event will take place in the Council Room of West Regional Development Agency.

Within the training session will be presented topics related to:

  • Timber as raw material; Timber and wood products
  • Using different timber structures
  • How Timber meets the technical requirements?
  • Prefabrication, connectors and building systems

In 2013, West RDA has concluded a cooperation agreement with the University of Applied Sciences from North Karelia Region in Finland, by which was initiated a collaboration between the two regions for the benefit of public authorities, universities and entrepreneurs in the West Region regarding renewable energy and energy efficiency in buildings.

North Karelia region has the most important center of expertise for the Finnish forest sector, here being conducted extensive researches in the field, at the highest level, many large companies in the sector being present in the region. The use of renewable energy represents 63% of the total energy consumption in North Karelia, 78% of this energy being from forest biomass.

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