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Romania, very attractive for foreign investors in the next three years


Romania is the sixth among the most attractive European countries regarding foreign investments within the next three years, according to a survey of the consulting and auditing company Ernst & Young. Romania has become more attractive for investments investments than the Czech Republic, Turkey, Switzerland, Netherlands, Italy, Spain and Sweden.

Romania has the advantage of an increased rate of GDP compared to Europe's and valuable human capital.

The first five in the top are: Germany, Poland, United Kingdom, Russia and France. U.S. remains the largest investor in Europe. Investors are confident in Europe's ability to overcome the difficulties faced.

The economies in Central and Eastern Europe are leading in terms of investments in industry.

Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic attracted new jobs created in the automotive industry and on the services and software production market. These countries have attracted large projects that have competitive advantages of costs and trading partners like Germany, where there are industrial clients of reference.



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