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Promoting the European Enterprises Awards 2012


Ministry of Economy, Trade and Business announces the 2012 edition of the Promoting the European Enterprises Awards organized by the General Directorate for Enterprise and Industry of the European Commission.

The awards for promoting European companies identify and recognize the most successful promoters of enterprises and entrepreneurship in Europe, highlight the best entrepreneurship policies and practices, raise awareness of the entrepreneurship's value, encourage and inspire potential entrepreneurs.

The Grand Jury Prize will be awarded to candidates who have the initiative considered the most creative and inspiring in Europe.

The competition is addressed to support entrepreneurship hubs at national, regional and local levels: public administration authorities, public-private partnerships between authorities and entrepreneurs or business organizations and educational programs in EU countries, Iceland, Norway and Turkey, which have implemented projects in entrepreneurial development, the impact on local economy over the past two years.

So if you are a national, regional or local, or a public private partnership, in every region of the EU, Croatia, Iceland, Norway, Serbia and Turkey and have collaborated on a successful project that led to the development of regional economy urges you to participate!

Categories of awards

The awards come in five categories:

  • Investing in talents:

Recognizes local or regional initiatives that enhance entrepreneurial skills, vocational, technical and managerial;

  • Improving the business environment:

Recognizes innovative policies at regional or local level that promote creation and development, simplifying administrative procedures and business law and implement the principle of original thinking for SME's.

  • Helping business:

Recognizes policies to encourage enterprises and especially SMEs, to benefit more from opportunities offered by markets within and outside the European Union

  • responsible and inclusive entrepreneurship:

Recognizes regional and local actions that promote corporate social responsibility and sustainable business practices.

The national stage has the registration deadline for applications: 20. 06.2012

Will be selected, two national candidates for participation in the European competition phase.

 II. The European stage has the deadline for submission of national selections: 07/16/2012

 European awards in Cyprus: 15 November 2012


 Liliana Linculescu

 Senior Advisor

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For more information about the awards:

The application and promotional materials can be downloaded from the website:, the Section, Promoting the  European Enterprises Awards.

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