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Over 1.000 SMEs have applied for the minimis aid

Date: 17/01/2014
Source: Mediafax

Until 17:49 p.m. on the website,, have registered 1.029 companies. The registration is non-stop until January24, 20:00.

The Minimis aid for SMEs is of maximum 100.000 euro and covers 90% of the total eligible costs approved for funding, the granting period being of two fiscal years.

The funds will be allocated from the budget of the Department for Small and Medium Enterprises, Business Environment and Tourism.

The authorities estimate that 1.111 SMEs will benefit from this support. The aid will be granted on the basis of scores and not on a first come-first served principle. The score for SMEs to apply is the following: production - 35 points, education, science, research - 30 points and services - health, welfare, culture and art - 20 points. Microenterprises receive 15 points, small enterprises - 10 points, while the medium enterprises - 5 points. The third indicator concerns the number of persons employed. Thus, for one employee a company receives 15 points, two new jobs created - 20 points, 3 jobs - 25 points, 4 jobs - 30 points and five jobs - 35 points.

The highest score is 100 points and the minimum score for project approval is 60 points.

After registration, for 60 days, the files will be checked for inconsistencies. After that the software will determine which firms have higher scores on the criteria specified.

The minimis aid budget for SMEs that make investments is of 500 million lei (125 million euro), the aid payment being performed by the end of 2015.

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