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Entrepreneurs, managers and innovators have met in Timisoara at Innomatch 2016, event organized by West Regional Development Agency (RDA West) in partnership with Tehimpuls - Regional Center for Innovation and Technology Transfer, on November 9, 2016, West Region Romania.

West RDA's role to support the development of West Region is reflected also in the organization of Innomatch 2016 - given that a healthy region is one that has a stable business environment, which is constantly developing. The involvement of Tehimpuls Association alongside West RDA in organizing the event aimed to facilitate the collaboration between businesses and institutes / research centers so that the sustainable development of the business environment to be achieved through innovation.

In order to help the SMEs to learn from each other, to interact with companies and managers from other European countries, but also to facilitate the promotion of companies from West Region internationally, Innomatch 2016 event consisted of  two parts, a conference and an international brokerage event that facilitated the establishment of contacts, collaborations and partnerships between private companies from West Region and organisations (private companies and/or research centers) from abroad acting in ICT, automotive and agro-food sectors.

The topics addressed by speakers at the conference were: leaders in management, innovative products and services, digitization and competitiveness of companies, "green" innovation and evolution of companies - including how to get grants for such initiatives, innovation and performance management companies ( IMP3rove presentation - European instrument for assessing a company's innovation capacity, its competitiveness in terms of innovation and its possibilities for development).